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The Amazon Best Seller The 1-Page Marketing Plan finally arrives in Mexico

Amazon Best Seller The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Are you looking for effective strategies that can bolster your marketing campaigns? Then this page will show how. The 1-page marketing plan consist of highly effective marketing strategies that can bring you more volume of targeted customers. With Best Seller de Ventas, you get the chance to operate efficiently and achieve sustained growth over the long term. Marketers can refer to this book for many actionable insights that give momentum to their marketing plans and help them achieve as value enablers within the organization. The systems, tools, processes laid out in the book is what a marketer or business owner needs to acquire more customers, convert leads faster, and get an unmatched competitive edge. You can accelerate marketing function within the company by referring to this book. Alternatively, you can also attend a half day classroom course, where you can interact one-on-one with the author and clarify any doubts you might have about your venture’s marketing. The author also offers 10 video lessons as a part of an online course for the busy executives of today’s times.

Published by SuccessWise LATAM

We are expert consultants in marketing and sales, we implement practical, simple and effective methodologies such as Amazon's Best Seller The 1-Page Marketing Plan. Exclusive representatives in Latin America of Allan Dib.

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